Rennkalender - Race Schedule 2012/2013

Demavand´s - Northern Wilderness Team 2012/2013


After racing more than 3000km this season, the team is going into the summer break.We expect 2 litters. One of them (Demavand´s Santiago / Demanvand´s Lousianna) will stay with us. The puppies will be prepared to enlarge the team in the future.

The second litter (Demavand´s Montale / Blackberry of Northern NW), some of the puppies will stay here and some will go to new loving homes.


There will be a lot of work in the future. During the summer season, we will educate the puppies, make a lot of leader training with some of the team members.

From the beginning of July 2012 until September 2012 a very nice girl will stay in Northern Wilderness as a trainee. On the 1st of October, Paul Robins our new doghandler for the winter season will start his job at Northern Wilderness Kennel...
Many new plans are on the to do list......


- 1st of September 2012, Northern Wilderness Meeting
Hopefully again with so many Northern Wilderness & Demavand´s Puppy Owner and Friends of NW.


- 4th of September 2012, Trip to Alaska

We´ll stay there for at least 3 weeks. 


- 26th December 2012 - approx. 9th of January 2013



Schedule 2012/2013:

- 22nd - 26th January 2013 Sedivackuv long in Czech Republic


- 9th - 16th February 2013 Trans Thüringia in Germany


After the race in Germany we will direct go to Sweden and spend the time there till the Polardistans starts.


- Week 10, 2013 Polardistance, Sweden, 2013


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