Rennkalender - Race schedule 2013 / 2014

Northern Wilderness-Demavand´s Racing Team 2013/2014

The following dogs will be in the active team and been prepared for the upcoming season:























Training in two teams. From this 20 dogs, we will decide, which dogs will run the Finnmarkslopet 2014.

Dear friends and followers of Northern Wilderness Siberians


It is a long time dream to take part at the Finnmarkslopet in Norway.
We already made this decision long time ago. But in summer 2013 we were invited to the Volga Quest in Russia. We wanted to support and promote this new race in Russia and decided to take part in this race too. But it was sure from the very beginning, that we need support to take part there. It´s not possible for us, to finance two such big races in one season.


It was not an easy decision, but we finally had to decide, NOT to take part at the Volga Quest 2014.


There are different reasons.
There have been a lot of promisses and not one became true. Time is running and still no answer. We don´t appreciate behavings, when things don´t work out well, we are blamed for something we have no idea about. A very sad appologize.


If someone will be disappointed about our desicion, we are very sorry. We did everything to promote this race. But time is not ready for it.
We have supported so many people, now it´s time for Northern Wilderness.

We are ready for all adventures with our dogs. But NOT for any risks! We want to be on the safe side with our dogs. DOGS FIRST!

We have signed up for Finnmarksloppet 2014 and that´s what we now go for! Our team and we´re ready to hit the trail and we´re looking forward to this adventure.
We will leave beginning of february 2014 to train the dogs in Norway until the race starts in the middle of march.


We want to say thank you to our friends Hans and Christine Scheich, who will take care for our house and the rest of the dogs, while we´re in Norway.
Thank you to Bernhard Strohmer, who will be our dog handler at the Finnmarkslopet 2014 in Norway!

Mush thanks to all our friends and supporters!
You´re just wonderful!
Peter, Elisabeth and the Northern Wilderness Team

The ceremonial start will be broadcast via Internet.
You can follow the race via tracker and each checkpoint has a live view camera. 

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